About Us



To translate our vision into the reality of producing worthy men and women graduates who are able to use their intellects, innovative, learning, research and spiritual abilities as adeptly as they can use their hands and skill to build a dynamic and prosperous humanity, and guarantee the fulfillment of the social, economic, technological, Spiritual and educational needs of the individual, the community and the Nation, which will transform the Fatherland into a land of milk and honey, achieved through engaging in only that which is GOOD, PURE and GREEN.



To be among the world's leading higher educational Institutions that produce first - rate academically, socio - economically, technologically and Spiritually empowered and flourishing youths that are conscious of the bounties of a well protected environment and a well tilled land through agricultural, technological and entrepreneurial endeavours.



OUR HISTORY This polytechnic formally started as Enville Institute of Environmental and Safety Management which became Enville Institute of Management and Technology from which Enville Polytechnic was borne. Enville Polytechnic was accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in 2019 to run National Diploma (ND) in the following courses: Computer science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Business Administration The philosophy on which the Polytechnic was established is based on training a new generation of technicians and technologists whose distinctive attributes would be self-reliance and preparedness to set their own business either individually or in cooperative ventures.